Getting Started: Data Helpdesk, Policy Manager and Workflows

About This Course


Ben Brendle, Presales Engineer


  • Explain automatic notifications for Data Helpdesk issues
  • Relate policies and standards to business assets
  • Demonstrate workflows to model your data processes


This course is designed for Privacy Stewards who are responsible for utilizing an organization’s data governance processes to ensure compliance. Privacy stewards have a specialist role that incorporates processes, policies, guidelines and responsibilities for determining with which policy and or regulatory privacy obligations an organization should comply. We’ll begin the course by using the Data Helpdesk to log an issue for missing policy descriptions. Next, we’ll search Policy Manager for relevant policies and standards to use. We will create relations between governance assets and business assets. We’ll describe the use of workflows and show workflow configurations in Settings. These processes will build towards our final steps of completing the Getting Started lineage. Our last steps are to create relations between our data asset, the End date contract + 2 years policy standard, and our Customer Product Sales dataset. We’ll confirm all assets are used appropriately for the Customer Lifetime Value report.