Diagram Enhancements v5.3: Pictures and JSON

About This Course


Allison Selby, Sr Manager, Instructional Design


  • Explain picture feature with traceability diagram
  • Demonstrate View Editor layout options
  • Show access to JSON edits


In this course, we will review the additional features found in v5.3 impacting the diagrams. In the 5.3 version, now we have an option for taking a picture of the traceability diagram. This allows you to save a state, literally take a picture of the traceability diagram, and save that whether for future reference for a report, to pin it, or to share it with a team. The pictures are still interactive as well, allowing you to start a workflow, apply trace, expand and collapse. Also, for the view editor, there’s some additional layout options using JSON. Some of those layout options include changes to the “edgeBends” and “nodeCompaction.”