Data Quality Configurations and Dashboards

About This Course


Joyce Snelders, Manager, Analytics and Cognitive, Deloitte Consulting LLP


  • Interpret data quality components within Collibra Platform
  • Determine an aggregation path in the data quality rule configuration
  • Explain a data quality dashboard for a single asset


This is the second course in a series based on the use case of a retail distribution company using Collibra to cleanse and monitor the quality of their data. In this course we will do a one-time configuration by asset type in order to integrate and ingest scores into Collibra to view how a data quality score has evolved over time. We will create a community and a rulebook domain, and then configure the data quality rules in Collibra Platform. Once all configurations are complete, we will link the data quality rule to the asset types we have created for it. Lastly, we will discuss how to create a data quality dashboard for a single asset.