Collibra Catalog: Empowering Technical and Business User Collaboration

About This Course


Vasiliki Nikolopoulou, Presales Engineer


  • Relate collaboration between technical and business
  • Explain ingestion through various data sources
  • Show data quality on assets


Learn everything about the Collibra Catalog, which empowers collaboration between business and technical people. While business and technical people often have different vocabularies, goals and outcomes; they now have a platform to collaborate and manage assets in productive and efficient manner. A company’s success greatly depends on efficient collaboration, because so much of the work relies on the technical aspects like applications and data.The Catalog facilitates communication and workflow through the structure and automation it provides. Users can define the processes that can bring business content to technical assets through automated procedures. Data sets can be ingested through various data sources, which triggers a workflow for validation and augmentation by the business users. The automated process eliminates the need for additional meetings and emails, allowing the user to track and monitor the assets at their own pace. All Data Governance team members can communicate, track assets, escalations and data requests through the Collibra Catalog, completing their assigned tasks and documenting all necessary steps in the process.