Catalog in the Cloud Execution and Implementation

About This Course


Bhupinder Calotia, Technical Support Lead


  • Assess necessary information for installation of on-premise Jobserver
  • Select required information for configuring Collibra-hosted instance of Collibra Platform
  • Test connectivity from Collibra-hosted instance of Collibra Platform to on-premise Jobserver


Beginning with the installation of your on-premise Jobserver, we’ll identify the Collibra hosted instance of Collibra Platform to enable Catalog in the Cloud. We’ll procure a server to install on-premise Jobserver application with Console, while confirming the system requirements listed in the Install Guide. We will configure the Mutual or Two-way SSL Authentication with the the appropriate certificate and keys and also complete the proxy configuration. Our next focus will be to configure the Collibra-hosted instance of Collibra Platform. We will address all the necessary configuration details to provide to Support to ensure a successful installation. Finally, to validate implementation, we’ll ingest a small Excel file. This exercise will validate the connectivity from your Collibra-hosted instance of Collibra Platform all the way to your on-prem Jobserver.