Ask-the-Expert Workflow Basics

About This Course


Mathisse De Strooper, Product Manager


  • Show development process of workflow
  • Demonstrate Eclipse and Open Source Activiti
  • Assign user tasks


In this course we will show you how to develop the basic version of the Ask the Expert workflow, which enables users to ask questions about specific data assets in the Collibra Platform. For creating the workflow, we are using Eclipse and the open source Activiti. We will start at the beginning by adding a pool, assign unique IDs, add start events, buttons, add form fields to forms, push questions to the comments, assign user task to the expert and add service tasks. Finally, we will add a Terminate End Event and end the workflow.

If you are learning about workflows for the first time, we recommend the following sequence of Workflow courses:

  • Introduction to Workflows: Automate and Assign Tasks
  • Ask-the-Expert Workflow Basics
  • Advanced Workflow: Tips & Tricks
  • SysAdmin: Workflow Configurations