Collibra Virtual Classroom


Collibra Virtual Classroom will help you obtain the skills needed to take full advantage of your deployment. Our Virtual Classroom courses help you learn how to implement, configure and manage your Collibra Data Governance Center instance. Whether you’re a current or aspiring Data Governance administrator, developer or business user, we have the training you need to gain the right skills and maximize return on your organization’s data governance initiative. Some of the benefits of attended Collibra Virtual Classroom courses include:

  • Greater choice of training – full control over where and when to learn
  • Cost savings on travel, accommodations and expenses
  • Collaboration with expert instructors for immediate feedback

Schedule & Time

Collibra Virtual Classroom courses are 2 to 4 hour sessions. The topics span range from introductory to advanced concepts that prepare the learner for Collibra Ranger certification. Some of the course topics include:

  • Getting Started in Collibra Data Governance Center
  • Workflow Engineering
  • Rest API
  • Collibra Catalog
  • Collibra Connect

Additional topics are added continually so you can expand your Data Governance initiatives across your enterprise. At Collibra, we feel by combining the benefits of interactive, live training delivered by highly skilled instructors with the option to save on time & travel, and a greater choice of training offerings and dates. For more information on Collibra Training, please contact your Collibra representative.