Collibra Ranger Certification

The Collibra Ranger Implementation Certification is intended for individuals who participate in the planning and implementation of the Collibra platform. The exam validates a candidate’s ability to effectively demonstrate knowledge of how to architect and deploy the Collibra platform.

The Collibra Ranger Implementation Certification validates a candidate’s ability to:

    • demonstrate their ability to solve a business problem and propose how Collibra products can offer a solution
    • construct an asset model and metamodel operating model in relation to Collibra’s operating model
    • demonstrate the ability to import data assets
    • suggest, modify and/or design workflows that will address the business needs
    • define roles in the processes with their responsibilities
    • configure traceability diagrams, dashboards, asset table views, scorecards
    • recommend the processes needed for the governance of KPIs and describe them on high-level

Exam Preparation

The Collibra Certified Ranger Program comprises four phases.

Phase 1 – Collibra University Courses – Self-paced, online courses that provide the foundational knowledge of data intelligence, operating models, integration, and workflows. Candidates should complete Level 1 through 2 certifications.

Phase 2 – Collibra Bootcamps (recommended) – Virtual courses with accompanying exercises that provide hands-on experience with the Collibra Platform and position you for success in the exam. Required Bootcamps include:

  • Getting Started with Collibra
  • Collibra Operating Model Design
  • Workflow Engineering
  • Collibra APIs

Additional Bootcamps are available for Catalog and Privacy. Bootcamps are delivered publicly each month in a virtual setting. Private courses can be delivered virtually or on-site. Bootcamps are purchased using Collibra Education Credits and are offered privately as well as publicly on a monthly basis. Private classes can be delivered virtually or at a location of your choice and can accommodate up to 10 people. For more information about Collibra’s Instructor-led training offerings click here.

Phase 3 – Professional Services Oversight (recommended) – Customers planning or working on their implementation with Collibra Professional Services can take advantage of Professional Services oversight. Professional services oversight can ensure you are ready for the exam by instilling best practices in your work and your implementation. 

Phase 4 – Completion of the Ranger Exam – Each candidate is provided a real-world, scenario-based problem that they are to solve in the Collibra Platform. Each candidate is allotted 4-weeks to complete the scenario solution. Upon submission of the solution, the submission will be reviewed and scored by 2 members of the Collibra Ranger Committee. Once the scoring is complete, an interview is scheduled with the candidate to discuss the results. The candidate is allowed 2 attempts at passing the exam. If the candidate is unsuccessful they must wait 3 months to reapply. 

Collibra Ranger Committee

The Collibra Ranger Committee members Collibra Rangers who serve in Collibra’s professional services organization with extensive experience in implementing Collibra using best practices for success.