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Every certification provides expertise your team members and ultimately your enterprise needs to be data-driven. Each certification, culminating in our most comprehensive credential in the market today, Expert Implementation Ranger certification, will make a powerful statement about your team’s expertise in data governance, data stewardship, and Collibra products.

Ultimately, becoming certified will

  • Prove investing in your team’s development is important
  • Build your team’s confidence in their knowledge of the profession
  • Help your team earn credibility
  • Demonstrate their commitment to being experts in their field
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Collibra Solution Architect Certification

This individual provides technical leadership in the design, planning, and implementation of the Collibra platform. These individuals define the Collibra operating model approach and perform  fit/gap assessment. They are skilled at analysis of Collibra Data Intelligence solutions and assist with decisions on technical complexity and thorough understanding of the implications. The solution architect ensures that the implementation of the Data Intelligence solution for the business is done in the most efficient/effective manner.


  • Strong understanding of Enterprise Level Business Flow, DG (Data Governance), DQ (Data Quality), Data Lineage and Data Domain
  • Strong understanding of Web site/services operations, management, and security
  • Strong understanding of Web Services development/deployment experience, cloud computing
  • Leading orientation and planning review sessions for networking, server platform, desktop services, and security-related events
  • Translating business, application and end user system requirements into technical requirements.
  • Making recommendations as needed, applying creative, in-depth technical and theoretical knowledge.
  • Playing an active role in supporting continuous Data Intelligence improvement


Collibra Data Steward Certification

A Collibra Data Steward is responsible for the quality of a defined dataset on day-to-day basis. These datasets are used throughout the enterprise in decision making and planning. The data steward knows how the data is collected, maintained, and interpreted.


  • Asset management
  • Issue management
  • Data Quality
  • Processes and procedures
  • Writing definitions

Collibra Workflow Engineer Certification

A Collibra Workflow Engineer can analyze, define and document requirements
for data, workflow, and logical processes. They are adept at the creation of workflows and/or the use of Collibra APIs. This individual can analyze, define and document requirements for data, workflow, and logical processes. Using Collibra, they know how to define user roles and privileges, through role-based workflows and data validation rules. The workflows they create are based on the business requirements.


  • Workflow development (Flowable/Activiti)
  • Web development (HTML, CSS, XML, APIs (REST), JSON)
  • Java and server Java applications
  • Web Development, Test Driven Development, Cloud based application development


Collibra Integration Engineer Certification

A Collibra Integration Engineer is responsible for integrating Collibra with another data source, system or application. This person develops and implements solutions integrating applications across an enterprise or its departments. They evaluate existing components or systems to determine integration requirements and to ensure final solutions meet organizational needs and are highly skilled at Collibra APIs.


  • Java and server Java applications
  • Collibra APIs
  • Cloud and SaaS


Collibra Platform Administrator Certification

Coming soon!

A Collibra Platform Administrator is responsible for administration of the Collibra Cloud Platform including Collibra Console access and validation environment is up & running properly with proper integration/connectivity to the end-system.


  • Platform architecture & Services
  • Port configuration
  • Job server configuration and maintenance
  • Collibra Console
  • Back up and restore
  • User roles and responsibilities

Collibra Ranger Certification

Collibra Ranger Certification is the most comprehensive Data Intelligence credential available today. Collibra Ranger Certification provides professional credibility and validates your expertise in the implementation of the Collibra Platform. Achieving certification through the Collibra Ranger Program validates your knowledge and skills and provides you a competitive advantage in the market. Collibra Rangers can participate in unique networking opportunities and gain insight into new features in the Collibra Platform.

Ultimately, becoming certified will:

  • Help you earn credibility and respect in your field
  • Open more opportunities for advancement
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Demonstrate your commitment to your profession
  • Build confidence in your knowledge of the profession

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