Take your career to the next level

Becoming an Collibra Certified Expert (CCE) lets you announce to the world that you understand the importance of Data Governance and the implementation and application of Data Stewardship. Your deep-knowledge of Collibra products means you’re ready to contribute to your organization and apply your expertise.

Earning your certification at Collibra University provides access to a world of opportunities in the profession of data governance and data stewardship. It can open doors you didn’t know existed, as each certification will make a powerful statement about your expertise in data governance, data stewardship and Collibra products. Ultimately, becoming certified will:

  • Help you earn credibility and respect in your field
  • Open more opportunities for advancement
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Demonstrate your commitment to your profession
  • Prove your willingness to invest in your own development
  • Build confidence in your knowledge of the profession

 Ranger Certification (5 levels)

The Ranger Program is a training, evaluation and certification program that delivers the most comprehensive Collibra Data Governance credential. We offer a Collibra Certified Ranger Certification with up to five levels.

Successful Certified Ranger candidates will minimally be able to:

  • planning, executing and following up implementations of Collibra technology as a solution for the customer
  • demonstrating the ability to relate business problems to the underlying data and how the software can offer a solution
  • demonstrating and (re-)utilizing knowledge of best practices for related business problems
  • positioning Collibra in the existing application landscape, and directing architecture, design and execution for any required integration
  • supporting the customer implementation, both functionally and technically
  • providing focused training and enablement sessions on the solution
  • communicating new user stories derived from the implementation experience to Collibra’s product management
  • contributing documentation to our knowledge base & community site (Collibra Compass and Collibra University)
  • engage with customers, peers and staff in the Collibra Community on clarifying requirements, new cases and solutions

A Collibra Certified Ranger Level 1 can upgrade up to five levels (stars) in total. We use the following grading rules:

  • One additional star for completing the Developer certification
  • One additional star for demonstrating performance as an active worker throughout an end-to-end Collibra multi-use-case program implementation
  • One additional star for demonstrating performance as an accountable manager throughout an end-to-end Collibra multi-use-case program implementation
  • One additional star for demonstrating influence through social media, publishing DG solutions applying Collibra technology and active participation in the Collibra community
  • One additional star for realizing unanticipated user adoption

Data Steward Certification

The Certified Data Steward designation is a great way to quickly demonstrate your data governance and data stewardship aptitude. You can earn this certification by taking and passing the Certified Data Steward (CDS) exam.

If you are beginning your Data Steward journey, the Certified Data Steward designation is a great way to establish a common foundation of skills and knowledge related to data governance best practices. Certified Data Steward designation provides you with the foundational knowledge you will need to make the most of your data governance experience. The Collibra Certified Steward is held responsible for the to him/her assigned assets or domains in the Collibra platform.

Successful Certified Steward candidates will be able to:

  • participate in use cases such as report certification, data help desk, etc.
  • enter, improve and approve, and publish assets, relations and attributes
  • write good definitions
  • add comments and upload attachments
  • import from and export to spreadsheet or csv
  • create custom views on domains
  • search and navigate resources
  • find out who is responsible for what
  • execute workflow tasks
  • run validation rules

Community Manager Certification

The Community Manager is held accountable to manage one or more communities of Stewards. Hence the Certified Community Manager designation demonstrates that you have the skills needed to design the operating model for and monitor the progress of a community of Stewards. Certified Community Managers have strong communication and facilitation skills to insure the successful enforce of documentation standards and rules, by encouraging member participation, assisting new members, and generating awareness about the community throughout the organization.

Successful Certified Community Manager candidates will be able to:

  • perform all the functions of a Certified Steward
  • conceptually design the operating model following the steps of the Operating Model Design Procedure
  • in the Collibra platform:
    • create and organize communities and domains;
    • assign roles and responsibilities;
    • configure view permissions;
    • manage tasks;
    • share dashboards;
    • share custom views on domains;
    • create and share search filters;
    • create import templates.

If you have completed your Data Steward Certification and are managing a team within your organization, the Certified Community Manager designation is your most useful tool for Data Governance success.

Certified Platform Administrator

The Certified Platform Administrator designation proves that you have demonstrated your knowledge, skills, and ability to configure, implement, and maintain the operating model for your organization as well as the ability to set up users, security, and connections, manage content and updates as well as out-of-the-box content.

Successful Certified Platform Administrator candidates will be able to:

  • perform all the functions of a Certified Community Manager
  • implement the operating model;
  • perform all settings and customizations
  • manage and upgrade the Collibra platform and applications;
  • manage different platform environments from development to production.
  • create validation rules
  • create traceability groups

Certified Collibra Developer

The Certified Developer designation proves your knowledge of Collibra Connect and the Collibra API through your ability to integrate multiple platforms and data solutions, as well as build, debug, and deploy custom workflows in Collibra Data Governance Platform.

Successful Certified Developer candidates will be able to:

  • perform all the functions of a Certified Platform Administrator
  • implement and deploy Collibra Connect integration templates and workflows
  • implement and deploy workflows in Activiti Workflow Designer tool
  • use the Collibra API