CAMPR Program

Certification, Awards, Motivation, Participation and Retention  Program

One of the main challenges in digital learning environments is to keep learners motivated in completing tasks and achieving the learning goals. Digital learning cannot transmit emotion or engage the student in the same manner as a face-to-face instructor. Collibra University researched and analyzed a variety of teaching and learning techniques to address our primary goals:

  • motivate learners to continue through a course or learning series
  • reward participation in the learning environment
  • increase certification in Collibra products
  • to improve retention of university learners

To achieve the objectives of MOTIVATION, PARTICIPATION, CERTIFICATION and RETENTION we’ve implemented the “Certification, Awards, Motivation and Retention Participation Program (CAMPR)”.

The CAMPR Program awards points and badges to learners based on their completion of tasks. Once the learner reaches a pre-determined number of points they are awarded badges. After achieving all the badges with in a level the learner moves to the next level. Each level is also identified with a badge.


University badges are earned by completing a task. These tasks are categorized into 3 achievement event types.

  • Completion (Course/Series/Learning Path)
  • Participation (Engagement)
  • Accuracy (Quality)

“The person who knows HOW will always have a job; the person who knows WHY will always be the boss.”

– John Maxwell


badges-01Collibra University Member

The Collibra University Member badge is awarded for enrolling in your first course.

badges-04Collibra Mover Shaker

The Collibra Mover Shaker badge is awarded for completion of your first lesson.

badges-05Collibra Honor Role

The Collibra Honor Role badge is awarded for completion of a course

badges-02Collibra Scholar

This Collibra Scholar badge is awarded for completion of the of courses.

badges-07Collibra Head of the Class

The Collibra Head of the Class badge is awarded for completion of the five series of courses. The courses series include:
Business Glossary Series

  • Financial Services Series
  • Stewardship Series
  • Data Governance Readiness Series
  • CDO Series

badges-08Peer Recognition Award

The Peer Recognition Award is awarded for learner recognition by their peers in their course work. This award is voted by the learners

badges-09Collibra Recognition Award

The Collibra Recognition Award is awarded for to learners who demonstrate commitment to the advancement of Data Governance through University course completion as well as engagement and accuracy in responses.