Erwin Dral

Erwin Dral

Erwin DralErwin is the Product Manager for the DGC platform and various features, including Diagrams. He can hardly remember what life was like before transitioning to product management ten years ago, but it might have been in pre-sales and post-sales consulting for data management software companies, yes. When he’s not grooming the backlog in Jira, he talks analogies between software and cars. 

Mathisse De Strooper

Mathisse De Strooper

Mathisse De Strooper

Mathisse De Strooper is fascinated about all aspects of data. How can we govern data the right way? How to make data an actual asset? How can data help you to make the right decisions? The same goes for software development. What is the right process to make great software? That’s why Mathisse opted for the ‘Software Management’ specialization for his Computer Science  bachelor at the Karel De Grote University.

A four month internship with Collibra taught Mathisse the ins and outs of data governance, linked open data, Collibra Connect and makes that we call him our ‘workflow wizard’.  Mathisse quickly became a big asset to the product management team, and is now in charge of Collibra Console and runs our internal data governance program.

Gauthier Vasseur

Gauthier Vasseur

gauthier_VasseurGauthier Vasseur’s executive track record spans from large enterprises (Google, Oracle, Hyperion) to bootstrapped, series A and Pre-IPO companies (Semarchy, Trufa, TriNet). He ran many facets in Finance, Operation and Marketing, building up teams, analytics and scalable processes for growth and transparency.

A technology evangelist at heart, he has based his successes on his passion for innovation and their application for internal and external customer successes. From his wide-ranging experiences, he had countless opportunities to develop extensive management and leadership skills supported by a data driven passion.

Gauthier’s expertise enables him to share his all-encompassing knowledge via publications, executive trainings and courses at Stanford University Continuing Studies where he teaches Business Intelligence, Big Data, and management approaches that blend systems, Data People and Process for sustainable and successful digitalization

Avid surfer, astronomer, and photographer Gauthier never misses an opportunity to push the boundaries of his knowledge to new limits.

Shamma Raghib

Shamma is an enterprise software sales engineer with over 6 years of global software industry experience helping companies innovate and expand their businesses with value-driven software sales. She is specialized in Business Process Management, Data Governance, Enterprise software implementation and consulting. Before joining Collibra, Shamma was a Business Development Consultant at NXP and had worked previously as Quality Assurance Engineer at ST Ericsson and Zetes.

Justin Washburn

Justin Washburn is a product specialist with Collibra working with healthcare providers and payers to find, understand, and trust their critical business data. Justin works with customers to solve their information governance challenges with Collibra’s data governance software. Prior to working for Collibra, Justin was a solution architect and engagement lead for data integration and master data management projects.

Over the past few years Justin has worked on projects in Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Seattle:

  • Managing physician, patient, health plan member, and employee data at healthcare providers Sutter Health and CHRISTUS Health for marketing and customer service departments
  • Managing health care providers and health care organizations at Genentech, AstraZeneca, and Abbott for commercial, compliance, and manufacturing departments
  • Translating international iTunes titles and synopsis for Twentieth Century Fox
  • Mastering individuals and organization customers across Microsoft for compliance and sales operations departments

Tudor Borlea

Tudor is a Collibra Pre-Sales Engineer based in London, UK. With an IT background and a degree in Computer Science, Tudor has spent the past 12 years gradually moving from IT focused roles like software implementation and integration towards more Business focused roles like business analysis and management consulting. The one constant throughout was that he enjoyed helping institutions bridge the understanding gap between Business and IT.

As a Management Consultant, Tudor was fortunate to work in several large Business Transformation programmes, across the Telecommunications and Energy industries, experiencing first hand the change management challenges around process, organisation, data, applications and technology. When done right, Data Governance can be the answer to most of these challenges.

Since joining Collibra, Tudor has focused on the GDPR and other regulatory applications of Data Governance.