IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: International Society of Chief Data Officers (isCDO) Awards – Call for Nominations.


The curriculum of Collibra University focuses on developing knowledge, improving skills and changing behavioral outcomes.  All of our instructional materials is grounded in established pedagogical e-learning theory and methodology. But the curriculum is not just about what we teach. It is about what the learner understands and remembers, and what they can use in the workplace. To ensure this, we actively recruit the…


Take your career to the next level Becoming an Collibra Certified Expert (CCE) lets you announce to the world that you understand the importance of Data Governance and the implementation and application of Data Stewardship. Your deep-knowledge of Collibra products means you’re ready to contribute to your organization and apply your expertise. Earning your certification…

Collibra Academic Program™

As data becomes our new currency, many college graduates face a daunting competitive landscape in data management. Complementing this fact, employers want their current employees to expand their current knowledge, skills, and abilities to launch them onto new career paths.  This especially important when the employee’s old career has lost its relevance. Colleges and universities around the world have…

Popular Courses

Collibra DGC 101

This set of tutorials will get you oriented to the Collibra DGC environment and its various components and features. The intent is to get you up and running using Collibra as quickly as possible.

Data Governance Readiness

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the measureable value of initiating a data governance program
  • Describe the principles and elements of data governance
  • Develop Use Cases with defined business value propositions
  • Identify the stages for implementing a Data Governance Program
  • Outline the activities in developing a Business Case

Getting Started in University 2.0

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Navigate the University
  • Understand the components of the dashboard
  • Enroll in a course